Welcome to Capital Hosting

This is just a placeholder page until you get your own website uploaded to the server.



To access your control panel, just type http://www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel into the address bar of your web browser. (substitute youractual ddomain name)

A security warning notice will pop up, just click on "yes" to continue.

Then enter your Administrator Login and Password at the prompt.

You will now enter your control panel where you will find an assortment of icons for setting up email accounts, checking web stats, and other utilities to help you administer your website.


To upload your web pages to your account using FTP, you can use the following settings.

Hostname: ftp.yourdomainname.com

Initial server directory: /www

If you have any questions, most of your questions can be anwered on our support website at http://www.capitalhosting.ca/support.htm you can email Capital Hosting at support@capitalhosting.ca

There is also extensive help at http://www.cpanel.net/docs/cpanel/